About Us

Emerging from the soil of North East India, we have developed ourselves to meet the growing needs of Security services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified agency established in the year 2008. We offer trained, qualified and smart Security guards who are trained in our registered training center to Secure our client Premises. We are well acquainted according to the culture and truly understand the needs of the client and customized our services to attain the maximum satisfaction level.

Vanguards Advantage

H and Holding Advantage: Recommending newer systems and policies is going to be our objective. However, we are going to stand behind our clients so that they learn newer practices and are trained to manage, operate and modify them themselves.

Dynamism Advantage: Customer requirements are sometimes rightly identified. In some cases, the symptoms are wrongly read. Though in our proposal we have given our plan of action for specific needs, we are flexible and dynamic enough to change our methodology and ways of working if need be. Besides, newer areas may crop up during the course of projects, and that would not deter our approach.

Trained Security guards: All our guards are trained in our registered training centre. We follow the guidelines given by PSRA and make sure that our guards meet every criteria laid down by the authority.

With all these advantages and more, we are sure our Clients find working with Vanguards a pleasure. Vanguards takes their customers seriously, making them partners first.

We are team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in providing quality HR services to our clients. It is this dedication and focus helps us empathize with all our associates and clients. We believe and act on the premise of “Putting Client First” and ensuring quality delivery every time.

Our Strength

We bring to you our strengths, and ensure that you benefit from all our strengths to better your business.


Respected Company built on ethics, values and integrity. Well adapted with local culture and wide spread network for easy hiring and recruitment process.

Value for Money

We promise complete value for money. The investment you make will return more than invested in a short while. If at any stage, you feel that you are not deriving value for money, you may terminate the contract with reasonable notice. No obligations.

We are committed to delivering quality work. During the course of the project, we expect honest feedback about the way the project is progressing, which will help us improve or correct ourselves, and deliver better quality of work.